Fashion Show by Conchi Ororbia 2016

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Artwork Specifications
Medium Archival Digital
Sub-Medium Giclee Printing Pigment Inks on Fine Art Museum Grade Archival Paper
Height 12 inches
Width 15 inches
Frame Information
Framed No


About This Artwork

Fashion Show by Conchi Ororbia shows the finesse and elegance of a model posing at a fashion exhibition. This fine art painting is composed in a palette of earth tones with bold blue highlights.


Conchi Ororbia

Conchi Ororbia Liberal was born born in 1959. She comes from a northern village in Spain (Artajona). She started painting at the age of 10 and she specialized in oil painting, watercolor and acrylic. Today she continues her artistic journey, which includes researching techniques, trials, sketches, designs, drawings… all in an endeavor to constantly improve herself and her art. Her work is based on glazes, filings, graphics and the study of using color to arouse emotions in the spectator. She plays with color schemes as she creates both figurative and expressionist fine art paintings. She has exhibited her work in different countries and cities around the world, including New York, La Toscana, Monaco, Paris, Stockholm, Lithuania, Madrid, and Barcelona.


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